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How to Teach Children About Leadership

How to Teach Children About Leadership

Functioning as a leader can be incredibly enriching. It can simultaneously be pretty demanding as well. People who soar in leadership positions tend to learn about the concept at young ages. That’s why it’s up to the adults who are in kids’ lives to educate them well. Sharpening leadership abilities in youngsters can pave the way for promising futures and grins all around. Parents and educators alike need to stress the value of A1 leadership talents.

Behaving As a Role Model

Adults who wish to enhance leadership abilities in kids to behave as strong role models. Children are impressionable and tend to emulate the fantastic traits of the older people who are around them. Adults need to showcase their abilities to juggle all sorts of tasks to their kids. Children should watch adults manage a career, social and household responsibilities with efficiency and ease.

Highlighting Tenacity

Adults need to make a point to highlight the value of tenacity to kids. Kids need to grasp from early ages that few things in life come easily to anyone. They need to comprehend that tenacity and determination are vital characteristics for all leaders. Adults should talk to children about the realities of setbacks. There are no human beings who are invulnerable to the possibilities of dilemmas and errors.

Discussing Self-Assured Communication Practices

People who are fantastic leaders also are always outstanding communicators. If an adult wishes to better leadership abilities in any child, he or she should discuss communication methods that are self-assured and direct. Exceptional leaders are not people who ever beat around the bush. They’re individuals who go above and beyond to get their points across to others. They have interaction skills that are often unequaled.

Discussing Pure Effort

Laziness and strong leadership are two subjects that honestly do not ever go hand in hand. Adults who want children to grasp outstanding leadership need to discuss pure effort and care. People who are eager to soar in this world need to have the ability to get out there and keep their eyes on the prize. People who are lazy and who constantly make excuses are never the individuals who stand out. Effort is imperative for leaders. Leaders are people who don’t live in fear of getting out there.

Great Books for Entrepreneurs to Read

Great Books for Entrepreneurs to Read

Life is all about learning, especially for an entrepreneur. The ever-changing life of an entrepreneur and their responsibility for their own fortune are assisted by a good and consistently improving knowledge and sets of skills. Continued education is supplemented by reading new literature that can both enlighten and inspire and entrepreneur.

Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss

This book is a compilation of interviews from successful entrepreneurs. The book is full of actionable advice for all aspects of an entrepreneur’s life. These go beyond business and cover topics like health, family happiness, and good parenting. The book resembles an encyclopedia with many different topics that one can turn to in a time of need for inspiration and tips in certain areas of life.

Disrupted, Dan Lyons

The book is about a magazine writer that had to reinvent his career with the invention of modern technologies and the end of paper magazines. The book tracks his progress and provides behind the scenes of the writers for popular shows and internet magazines.

Unshakeable, Tony Robbins

The book is a compilation of financial freedom advice from the best financial minds in the world. It is great for new and aged entrepreneurs who are looking for an inspiration and knowledge on all areas of life that go together with financial freedom.

Grit, Angela Duckworth

A common misbelief is that an entrepreneur should possess a certain talent or skillset to be successful. This book debunks the myth and urges eager entrepreneurs to focus less on talent and more on something he/she calls ‘grit’ — a combination of passion and persistence.

The Achievement Habit, Dr. Bernard Roth

The book focuses on the question of whether the reader is solving the right problem. The book helps to identify the real issues surrounding a start-up business and is a result of three-decade experience with working for individuals and organizations. The most important message of the book is that it is better to start with something and fail than to wait for the correct path to come and then act.

The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday

The book shows what the most correct indicator of success is by going through the fact that entrepreneurship is full of hurdles and obstacles on all sides. Entrepreneurship is about overcoming obstacles with flying colors and is the criteria that measures success.

Conflict Management Skills for Leaders

Conflict Management Skills for Leaders

Humans lean into conflict naturally. It is how this conflict is resolved which defines the future of the situation. Even in a professional setting, conflict can arise as people have differing opinions and personalities. When taking on the role of a leader, it is important that you have solid conflict management skills in order to successfully manage a group of people.

As a leader, you must learn appropriate and effective ways to manage conflict. One method of conflict resolution from the American Management Association cites five steps to conflict resolution for individuals and groups as follows:

  • Identify the source of the conflict: as it sounds, it is important to determine the cause of conflict.
  • Look beyond the incident: Sometimes what people vocalize as the issue may not be the root of the problem, and it is crucial to determine if there are any underlying issues.
  • Request solutions: During mediation, listen actively. Hear what each party is saying and encourage them to come up with solutions to the problems that work for both of them.
  • Identify solutions both disputants can support: If you simply suggest solutions that aren’t customized to each party’s needs, odds are it won’t work in the long run. On top of creating solutions both parties can agree on, it is important to recognize any fundamental errors in the system. For example, you might need to restructure departmental issues.
  • Agreement: Both parties need to agree on the solution, and verbally commit to implementing it.

There are also an assortment of strategies you can take to resolve, and prevent, conflict in the workplace. With the inevitability of conflict, it is important to see conflict as an opportunity for improvement, rather than something to be scared of. Forbes suggests some strategies that can help you if your conflict management skills are something to be desired. First, you must encourage your employees to be communicative and build an environment that is conducive to feedback. Second, be proactive about addressing conflict, without assuming too much. You want to address real conflict before it becomes an issue, but don’t want to draw attention to something that may not be a real issue. Third, communicate and address conflict in person, rather than through chats or emails online. Finally, listen to all sides of the story, and address feelings and emotions before diving into solutions.

Conflict resolution is a crucial part of life, and these skills in the workplace can even translate into your daily life. To be a successful leader, facilitating conflict must be in your reservoir of skills.


Highly successful leader in securing philanthropy and private equity

Matt Kupec:

  • Fundraising professional with 30+ years of senior management experience at major organizations
  • Significant track record of increasing philanthropic support
  • Built best-in-class, nationally recognized operations
  • Nearly $5 billion has been raised under his leadership

Who is Matt Kupec?

Matt Kupec has led major fundraising operations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY), the Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute (Tampa, FL) and NY-based non-profit HelpMeSee.

The key to Matt’s success in leading the teams of these very major and complex organizations is that he fully understands the importance of collaboration and collegiately in building a team fundraising approach in an organization.

During his tenure leading the fundraising teams at these important organizations, Matt Kupec has managed thousands of team and staff members.  Leadership is about getting the individuals to join together under a shared vision, with a common set of goals and objectives, creating an office environment of collegiately and collaboration, and pushing all to reach new heights.  This has been the trademark of Matt’s successful leadership.

The creation of the “total team fundraising approach” has manifested itself in the record breaking results that have been recorded.  At UNC, cash flow grew from $62M to $300M during Matt Kupec’s tenure. UNC was the recipient of 12 Council for the Support & Advancement of Education (CASE) Outstanding Fundraising Performance awards, the most received of any University during that time.  At Moffitt, fundraising skyrocketed from $13 million to $37 million in one year, a remarkable 250% increase in just the first twelve months!

Matt has always been a leader throughout his life.  Born and raised in Syosset, NY on Long Island as the middle child of seven children of Bill and Helen Kupec, Matt, enjoyed a prolific high school career as an outstanding student-athlete.  A three sport star – football, basketball and baseball – Matt Kupec earned many honors and awards including prep All-American in football where he led his Syosset HS football squad to an undefeated season and #1 ranking as the top High School team in the entire New York state.

With many full scholarship offers to choose from following his successful football career, Matt chose to accept a full scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill because of its high academic standing and strong football program.  

At UNC, Matt Kupecwas the starting quarterback for four years and led the Tar Heels to bowl games in three of the four seasons.   He was named Most Valuable Player in the Liberty and Gator Bowls.

Matt set 19 season and career passing records while a UNC quarterback.  In fact, two of those records – most consecutive games throwing a touchdown pass and most wins as a starting quarterback – remain standing nearly 40 years after his playing career.  Matt Kupec earned a reputation for being a “winner” during his UNC career.

All of these experiences – large family, three-sport athlete who was the pitcher in baseball, the point guard in basketball and the quarterback in football – have contributed to Matt’s passion for building the team approach to fundraising.  One of Matt’s favorite expressions deals with leadership and the importance of building team, “if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, we must go together.”

Those words have inspired and motivated countless number of staff members who have worked for Matt Kupec and helped to bring the results that have positively impacted the lives of thousands of students, faculty and patients across this country to work for a better society.

Check out Matt Kupec’s latest post!

How to Teach Children About Leadership

How to Teach Children About Leadership

Functioning as a leader can be incredibly enriching. It can simultaneously be pretty demanding as well. People who soar in leadership positions tend to learn about the concept at young ages. That’s why it’s up to the adults who are in kids’ lives to...