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Life is all about learning, especially for an entrepreneur. The ever-changing life of an entrepreneur and their responsibility for their own fortune are assisted by a good and consistently improving knowledge and sets of skills. Continued education is supplemented by reading new literature that can both enlighten and inspire and entrepreneur.

Tools of Titans, Tim Ferriss

This book is a compilation of interviews from successful entrepreneurs. The book is full of actionable advice for all aspects of an entrepreneur’s life. These go beyond business and cover topics like health, family happiness, and good parenting. The book resembles an encyclopedia with many different topics that one can turn to in a time of need for inspiration and tips in certain areas of life.

Disrupted, Dan Lyons

The book is about a magazine writer that had to reinvent his career with the invention of modern technologies and the end of paper magazines. The book tracks his progress and provides behind the scenes of the writers for popular shows and internet magazines.

Unshakeable, Tony Robbins

The book is a compilation of financial freedom advice from the best financial minds in the world. It is great for new and aged entrepreneurs who are looking for an inspiration and knowledge on all areas of life that go together with financial freedom.

Grit, Angela Duckworth

A common misbelief is that an entrepreneur should possess a certain talent or skillset to be successful. This book debunks the myth and urges eager entrepreneurs to focus less on talent and more on something he/she calls ‘grit’ — a combination of passion and persistence.

The Achievement Habit, Dr. Bernard Roth

The book focuses on the question of whether the reader is solving the right problem. The book helps to identify the real issues surrounding a start-up business and is a result of three-decade experience with working for individuals and organizations. The most important message of the book is that it is better to start with something and fail than to wait for the correct path to come and then act.

The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday

The book shows what the most correct indicator of success is by going through the fact that entrepreneurship is full of hurdles and obstacles on all sides. Entrepreneurship is about overcoming obstacles with flying colors and is the criteria that measures success.