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Becoming a great leader is not solely based on how long you’ve been in a leadership role or how much money you make. Great leadership comes from the efforts and working force of your team and how they thrive within a company. An important aspect of a company is retaining employees and learning the best ways to make them happy to make sure their professional needs are met.

A significant part of being a great leader is investing in your employees and team members. Once you’ve found the top talent, it is your job to understand what to do with it. Your company will thrive when your employees thrive. It is the job of leadership to take the time and develop the skills of your employees.

Leaders will be able to pick out members of their team who show top leadership skills and begin to work towards evolving those skills. This helps create success for the employee within the company. Employees who don’t necessarily have goals to become top leaders in the business shouldn’t be pushed aside. Great leaders will work with these employees in order to make sure their creative and work-related needs are being met.

It is easy to identify a bad leader because of a few traits. Bad leaders often worry more about themselves and the outward appearance of the company. Instead, they should steer their focus towards the gears that keep the company moving on the inside, the employees.

Along with employee support comes close attention to company culture. The environment in which your team works in can make or break the retention of employees and ultimately not support the success of your organization as a whole. Ironing out any implications and hiccups with your office culture will create a great working environment in order to have successful growth within the company.

Another stepping stone to successful leadership is providing opportunities for professional development within your office. Employees thrive when they know there are opportunities to expand upon the skills they already have, to become successful and meet their long-term goals.

This is also true for the professional development of leaders in your company. When your employees see their leadership is taking the initiative to continue learning and growing, they won’t feel the “know-it-all” leadership style that often ensues. This will ultimately create more respect from employees to their leadership.

In order to find your best leaders, take a look at their team. You will most likely find budding leadership among them because great leadership inspires great leaders.