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Whether you are working in the nonprofit organization or a private sector, communication is absolutely vital to your success. When we think of communication, especially one that deals with a high level of division of labor, you need to understand that your goals and objectives can only be accomplished by a strong and communicative input. This can oftentimes be challenging especially when that input deals with a large channel of people. But, if you are successfully able to micromanage a logistical system for workplace and customer communication, you and your company will be able to thrive each and every day.

Below you will find four areas in which you can improve your communication. Depending on the state of your nonprofit’s brand, you may need to embark on a larger initiative that can reach a variety of channels such as social media or web designing. By targeting these improvements, you will be able to optimize, strengthen, and extend a stronger outreach to a new market and sell your vision and beliefs there.


Think of a Brand Strategy

This is something we constantly see each and every day. Every company has a specific brand or logo that represents their goals, beliefs, and products. If your organization has never committed itself to a brand strategy engagement, begin by understanding the value a brand can have for your mission. Try to focus on one that highlights and sharpens your image, while also communicating your beliefs and goals. Take for example Nike’s “swoosh” logo. The brand itself is to represent the wing of the statue, Winged Victory of Samothrace, also called the Nike of Samothrace. The underlining meaning of the swoosh is to show action and victory in everything that they produce. Similar to Nike, your brand needs to be one that is representational of your foundation.

Communicate with Your Audience

The best way to improve your fundraising is by communicating with the audience. Try and gain a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. At times, people find that the message or issues are too complex for their understanding. If this is something you are seeing at your fundraiser, try and find a way to communicate your vision and goals at a more abridged manner.


Refine Your Website

Let’s face it. Today we are living in a technologically savvy era where a majority of the public accesses information through the computer or on a mobile device. Because of this, it is imperative to your cause that you have an easy, informative, and well-designed site that can direct your donors in understanding the why, what, where, and how questions they will need to know before making that commitment with your organization. I don’t know how many times where I have seen an incredible cause, but because of their site or lack thereof, many people deterred and eventually change their minds about donating. Make this investment. Yes it will take time and funding, but it is something that will play a large role to the public later on down the road.

SEO Practices

Back in the 90s, SEO and SEO analytics did not exist. Today, we are seeing countless amount of attention in various social media platforms where organizations and companies can reach out to a mass amount of people. Because of its reach, you want to make sure you are optimizing these sites to the best of your abilities. This consists of creating back-links, consistent monthly positing, and online branding so that you can get the best and most organic search performance for your cause.