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When people think of leaders, they think of those who have a diverse vocabulary and verbose in their feelings. They think of those who want to impose their will and communicate their ideas with the utmost clarity. While there are many leaders who opt for this strategy, there are perhaps just as many leaders who use the effective tool of silence. Sometimes, words may fail us, and saying nothing can send an even louder message. So what exactly is the power of silence in leadership?

Emphasizing A Point

You do not need to use large words or project your voice in order to get a point across. Many professed leaders actually are unable to get their point across because they use too many words. However, utilizing silence will allow you to be heard when your points are important. Speaking is, of course, important to foster communication, but there is also such a thing as too much. People remember the words of leaders more when it isn’t lost in a field of rhetoric.

Helps In Negotioation

Some of the most uncomfortable moments come in silence when negotiating. The reason why it can become awkward is that the innate human nature is to fill in the gaps of silence. It is also natural to wonder what the other person is thinking during silence. However, you do not have to be the one doing all the talking. Why don’t you leave room for silence and allow them to wonder what you are thinking about them? You don’t need to answer important questions directly and immediately. Use a discomforting pause and allow the other person to fill the void. Perhaps a conversation about salary may go in your favor that way.

Empowers Others

Allowing other people to speak and listening allows leaders to create future leaders. The more future leaders are able to share their ideas, the more confident they will be in themselves, and the more that confidence will lead them to increased responsibility. Leaders provide others with leading opportunities. This gives you the respect of your pears, and your power increases in the process.

As you can see, silence can be an overlooked, but powerful weapon. Leaders use it to their advantage, furthering their high position.